Special Events Review Committee

Any property owner using their land for temporary vendors, temporary camping, temporary structures or temporary parking during Motorcycle Week or any other events throughout the year, shall apply to the Special Events Review Committee for approval. Completed applications are submitted to the Planning Dept for the Special Events Committee for review. The Committee shall review the application, hold a public hearing and act to grant final approval, with specific conditions, or denial of the application. A quorum of four members of the committee is required to conduct a review meeting.

If you are a vendor looking to rent a vending spot, or have any licensing questions, contact Licensing at 603-528-6331 for assistance.

Special Events Fees

Special Event Fees
Subject Fee
1-10 Vendors $175
11-25 Vendors $200
26-50 Vendors $250
Beer Tent $500
More than 50 Vendors $500
Parking Lots up to 50 Spaces $175
Parking Lots over 50 Spaces $250
Special Event/miscellaneous $100
Temporary Campgrounds 50 Sites $175
Temporary Campgrounds more than 50 Sites $250

Member Representatives
  • Code Enforcement
  • Fire
  • Licensing
  • Planning
  • Police
  • Public Works
  • Water
Permanent Land Alterations
Any person or property owner making permanent land alterations for the purpose of supporting Motorcycle Week activities shall be required to apply to the Planning Board under RSA 674:43 for site plan review. These activities may include, but are not limited to, the following activities: 
  • Tree stumping
  • Regrading of land
  • Excavating/filling of land
  • Graveling or paving a grassed, dirt or graveled area