City of Laconia Conservation Lands

Bond Beach

Bond Beach Park

Off Elm St.

Acres: 38

Map-Lot-Block: 321-71-1

Conservation/Ownership Status: City Owned Park

 Registry of Deeds: Book:0408 Page:0403

Eager Isl

Eager Island

Island on Winnipesaukee River

Acres: 2.4

Map-Lot-Block: 441-233-15

Conservation/Ownership Status: Permanent, City Owned Land

 Registry of Deeds: Book:0443 Page:0343

Eager Island is a unique feature in Laconia used by a variety of wildlife species. Beaver activities were observed on Eager Island, as were ducks, sandpipers, and songbirds. Bald Eagle sightings are common just downstream of Eager Island, adjacent to the former sewage treatment plant.

Perley Pond2

Perley Pond

Off N. Main St.

Acres: 1.6

Map-Lot-Block: 385-142-2

Conservation/Ownership Status: Permanent, City Owned Land

 Registry of Deeds: Book:1082 Page:0020

Pickerel Pond

Pickerel Pond

411 Pickerel Pond Rd.

Acres: 15.29

Map-Lot-Block: 12/183/11 & 12-183-10.1

Conservation/Ownership Status: City Owned Land

 Registry of Deeds: Book:3214 Page:0827

Pickerel Pond, which is approximately 72 acres, is in the northwestern portion of Laconia (approximately 1.5 miles west of Pickerel Cove). Though close in name and proximity, Pickerel Pond and its associated wetlands are in the Winnisquam Lake sub-watershed while Pickerel Cove and associated wetlands are in the Paugus Bay sub-watershed. Most of this pond is located in the City of Laconia with approximately 12 contiguous acres in the town of Meredith. Though there are town roads paralleling the shoreline of Pickerel Pond to the west and south, this pond is relatively undeveloped with wide forested buffers,4 which in turn offer good wildlife habitat. Moreover, a portion of Pickerel Pond in Meredith is under a conservation easement.



Off N. Main St.

Acres: 11.1

Map-Lot-Block: 353-404-2

Conservation/Ownership Status: Permanent, City Owned Land

The City owns 5 properties, totaling approximately 68 acres for conservation purposes.

If you have questions about what uses are permitted on the City's conservation lands, please contact the Conservation Technician at 603-527-1264 or