Master Plan

The Purpose of the City of Laconia's Master Plan is to:
  • Establish goals, objectives, and actions for land use, economic development, housing, transportation and community facilities
  • The updated Vision Statement and the Land Use Chapter was adopted by the Planning Board on May 8, 2018. Click here to view the document.

    Other chapters of the Master Plan will be updated and adopted in the future.

    Historical Documents

EPA Report

Laconia is in an enviable position, having a strong economic base and a beautiful location. Principally composed of three neighborhood centers (Downtown Laconia, Weirs Beach, and Lakeport), Laconia has a rural, small-town character. Residents and visitors alike adore the scenic beauty and slower pace. By building on these assets, Laconia can continue to be a thriving vibrant community.

In 2006 the City was so pleased to be awarded an EPA Smart Growth Implementation Grant to encourage investment and development in its neighborhood centers, while maintaining its small town charm. As part of this grant, EPA sent a team of consultants from Strategic Economics in Berkeley, Ca, Van Meter Williams Pollack Architecture in San Francisco, CA, and TND Engineering in Portsmouth, NH to work with City Staff. The product of their effort is the report below, along with 3 illustrative plans, 1 for each village.