Parks & Recreation

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The City of Laconia's Parks and Recreation Department provides a wealth of recreational activities for all residents. We strive year after year to make our parks and facilities as beautiful as possible and to increase our programming.

The Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for all parks/beaches, most city buildings and most recreational activities at these facilities.

Spring 2018 Field & Facility Status (updated 4/18/2018)

OPECHEE MAIN FIELDS (A,B,C,D)                                               OPEN
SMITH FIELD @ OPECHEE PARK                                                OPEN
SMITH TRACK @ OPECHEE PARK                                              OPEN
COLBY FIELD @ OPECHEE PARK                                               OPEN
ROBBIE MILLS FIELD                                                                    OPEN
MEMORIAL PARK BASEBALL FIELD                                            OPEN
MEMORIAL PARK SOFTBALL FIELD                                            OPEN
MEMORIAL PARK TENNIS COURTS                                            OPEN
LEAVITT PARK FIELD                                                                    OPEN
BOBOTAS FIELD                                                                            OPEN
WOODLAND HEIGHTS FIELD                                                       OPEN
LEAVITT PARK TENNIS COURTS                                                 OPEN
WYATT PARK BASKETBALL COURTS                                         OPEN
SANBORN PARK FIELD                                                                 OPEN
SANBORN PARK BASKETBALL COURT                                      OPEN
TARDIF PARK BASKETBALL COURT                                           OPEN