News Updates

News Updates

Multiple projects in the city are gearing up for site work which means the city's technician will be performing inspections every Friday.

Inspections Areas

Beginning on February 4, 2016 the Belknap County Conservation District will work cooperatively with the Laconia Conservation Commisssion to Soak up the Rain.

Soak Up the Rain Sign

Milfoil treatment in Paugus Bay is currently gearing up for the coming summer/fall. The Conservation Commission has partnered with the Greater Paugus Bay Watershed Association for this undertaking. The commission will tackle this issue with funds raised through the City of Laconia Milfoil Treatment fund and NHDES Exotic Aquatic Plant Life Fund.

Milfoil (PDF)

The Granite United Way Day of Caring is coming up in 2019. Please check back at this page for information when the GUWDOC is and where you can volunteer with the City of Laconia to help make our community a better place!

Beach cln up water street (PDF)

The Municipal EcoLink is a monthly e-bulletin designed to inform you of the latest environmental ideas, trends, grants, rules and more from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. You may access the current and past EcoLinks releases at this location.

Municipal EcoLink (PDF) 

April Through June

Native Habitat and Invasive Species Earth Day Event at the Transfer Station. - Contact the Laconia Planning Department to inquire about attending. The City and other governmental bodies in partnership with Waste Management host a wonderful and informational event at the Laconia Transfer Station. This is a great opportunity to meet the people who are always finding new ways to keep the spread of invasive vegetation down and learn how to identify and deal with invasive vegetation in your own back yard! This is open to anyone interested and a great activity for younger children.  
Native Habitat and Invasive Species Earth Day Event
Laconia Transfer Station

June Through September

Volunteers are needed for water testing. Training for volunteers is provided. This is an excellent opportunity to make a difference! Contact the Conservation Department at 527-1264 ext. 262 or via email.

  • Invasive species education day
Volunteers from the United Way Day Of Caring Program will work with Conservation Commission members on various City Cleanup Projects throughout the month!

October through April
The Conservation Planning Technician performs his final year end button up inspections for all projects in the city with Erosion Control BMPs. Plans are still reviewed and commented on and Wetland Permits and Shoreland Permits are still reviewed by the Laconia Conservation Commission for the upcoming Spring/Summer.

Future Projects

  • Conservation easement events to encourage property owner discussions considering future land protection
  • Various lecture events
  • Partner with organizations to create community enhancement projects to beautify blighted areas and create urban garden opportunities

Other Ongoing Projects

  • Continue to educate other city departments on invasive species management
  • Continue To Improve Stormwater Conditions and update drainage Infrastructure
  • Enhance Conservation Commission Membership
  • Rain Garden Stormwater projects
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Outreach to the public to educate and spread awareness about environmental issues and projects.