Water Quality Monitoring

Clean waters are essential to Laconia's character and economy, but a number of things can threaten that quality. The spread of invasive species, improper development practices, and increasing amounts of runoff all contribute to decline of water quality. 

The Conservation Commission is committed to protecting water quality on all of our waterbodies. Throughout the summer and into early fall, members of the Conservation Commission and the Conservation Technician sample tributaries and waterbodies for key indicators of heathy waters. We utilize two monitoring programs to do so:

1. NHDES Volunteer River Assessment Program (VRAP)

VRAP monitors water quality parameters like turbidity, specific conductance, pH, temperature, and dissolved oxygen saturation in tributaries.

2. Lakes Lay Monitoring Program (LLMP)

LLMP monitors waterbodies for clarity, chlorophyll a, total phosphorus, and dissolved oxygen in deeper water. 

Currently, the Commission monitors quality on Paugus Bay. We hope to expand monitoring to Opechee Bay soon. If you are interested or would like to participate in these efforts, please contact the Conservation Technician at conservation@laconianh.gov

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Historical Data

Previous Year's VRAP Reports can be found here

Previous LLMP Reports can be found here