Airport Authority


  • Andrew J. Hosmer - Chairman (Mayor, City of Laconia)
  • Dale Chan Eddy - Vice  Chairman (Selectman, Town of Gilford)
  • Peter J. Spanos - (Belknap County Commissioner)
  • Jason Larrere - Treasurer (Gilford)
  • Kim Weeks - (Laconia)
  • Eric J. Tierno – (Gilford)
  • Steve Cotter – (Laconia)
  • Vicky VieBrooks – (Laconia)
  • Carl Dodge – (Laconia)
  • Marv Everson - (Airport Manager)

The mayor of the City of Laconia or designee, 1 member of the board of commissioners of Belknap County or designee and 1 member of the board of selectmen of the Town of Gilford or designee, ex-officio, together with 4 residents of Laconia and 2 residents of Gilford appointed to staggered terms expiring in April. Membership for resident members is for 4 years, but in no case shall anyone serve more than 2 consecutive terms.

About the Authority

The Authority was established to maintain an airport in the town of Gilford or elsewhere in Belknap County and in connection therewith and as a part thereof, to establish and maintain auxiliary landing places and facilities in Belknap County and towns contiguous to Lake Winnipesaukee.

Helpful Resources

For inquiries please email Marv Everson, Airport Manager or call at 603-524-5003 or visit the Airport Page here.

plane_page-1 Click the image to request an RFP packet for the Laconia Municipal Airport development project.

 RFP deadline: 1/15/24.