Seasonal Campfires and Brush Burning Permits
Laconia residents who plan to kindle fires of any kind shall obtain a written fire permit from the Laconia Fire Department as required by State Law.  If you are NOT the property owner, a "Non-Property Owner Authorization to Kindle Fire" must be completed by the property owner/landlord prior to obtaining a City burn permit. Seasonal permits are valid through December 31st of the year obtained.

Seasonal Burn Permit
Non-Property Owner Fire Permit

Where to Obtain Burn Permits
Permits can be obtained at the Central Fire Station on North Main Street or at the Weirs Beach Fire Station on Lucerne Avenue. Seasonal permits may be obtained online at the above link for a $5.50 service fee (this goes directly and solely into system maintenance). Brush permits (Category 3) must be obtained in person. ALL burn permits obtained in person are at NO CHARGE.

Obtaining Gas or Oil Permits
The following permit applications are for gas or oil appliance and tank installations. These permits may be printed and presented, with payment, at the Central Fire Station during normal business hours (8am - 4pm).

For a Gas Appliance permit, please make sure to submit both page one and two which are linked below.

For interior piping, please use the Gas Appliance permit. For exterior piping, please use the Storage Tank permit. 

Gas Permit Requirement Information
Gas permits now require a piping diagram and pressure test form be submitted prior to scheduling an inspection. The permit and payment is required prior to beginning the installation. Installations begun or completed without the required permit are subject to rejection and removal and are subject to legal action.

Documents & Permits