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Out of the Blue Launches Another New Pilot 

Emerson Aviation Flight School at LCI

The Out Of The Blue Aviation Scholarship Foundation is proud to announce a NEW PILOT! Matthew Gianunzio has earned his wings, becoming the 35th Out of the Blue alumnus. 

Matthew trained with Staci Schoenrock at the Emerson Aviation Flight School in Laconia. Matthew started flying at 14, soloed at 16, and aspires to be an airline pilot. He is the 35th new Out Of The Blue Scholarship pilot to earn his wings since our program began in 2014! There are another eight students in the program working their way toward their licenses.

If you know someone that could benefit from our program, please send them to WWW.OUTOFTHEBLUE.US

Another Covid Fatality!


Due to indoor dining regulations, our "onfield" restaurant, Kitchen Cravings", was not able to remain open through the winter months.  The restaurant has experienced lean times through the winter months but has managed to remain open in past years, but due to the current regulations for indoor dining, it is not able to remain open.   Their sign out front says, "SEE YOU IN MAY".  Well, we hope so!  By then, the snow will be gone and we will be able to have our grass parking area set up again for pilots and passengers to be able to have convenient access to the restaurant.



Effective November 3, 2020,  Runway 26 at LCI was redesignated as a LEFT  PATTERN.
We do ask, however, that on Runway 26 and Runway 08 pilots extend their turn on takeoff to an altitude of 1200 feet AGL before turning for the sake of the residents below.  We do want to maintain good relations with our neighbors and if there are measures that can be taken to help cut down noise, it would be appreciated.

KLCI - A Full-Service Facility  

We are a full-service airport, with two FBOs on-site, maintenance facilities, hangars, rental car agencies, and flight planning facilities.



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