Digging/Excavation Permits

Digging-Excavation Permits are required for any person, company or corporation whose activities involve

  • cutting and patching of any City street or public highway or 
  • any digging in or along City-owned rights-of-way. 

See the sample Digging-Excavation Permit (PDF) for additional information. 

Before you dig: 

  • Notify the Department of Public Works by calling Dave Keets at 387-9016 and
  • Contact Dig Safe by calling (888)344-7233 or by visiting the Dig Safe website.

(The City of Laconia is not a member of the Dig Safe network. To limit the risk of damaging buried infrastructure, both must be notified).

Good communication and planning is key to any project that involves excavation. Before work can begin, the Dept. of Public Works will need some time to mark out City-owned utilities, and Dig Safe will need some time to allow their representatives to mark out their infrastructure. Keep in mind that Dig Safe numbers expire 30 days after they are issued.  

Online Permit Application

 To submit an application online for an excavation permit, click here.