Sewer bills are calculated based on the number of units and property’s water connection.

1. Full-time residents who own property with a private well (or the property is connected to another water system) are charged a flat (un-metered) semi-annual fee of $226.00. These bills are generated and administered by the Tax Dept..

2. Each unit connected to both the City’s water system and the City's sewage system is charged a flat quarterly fee of ($34.00) plus a fee based on water consumption ($4.75 per 100 cubic feet or roughly 0.0064 cents per gallon). These charges are billed by the Water Dept.. The fees are included with the water bill.

A unit is defined as follows:

  • For residential facilities, apartments and other similar use, each single family living area is one unit (a duplex would be two units, etc.).
  • For hotels, motels, convalescent homes, hospitals, jails and other similar uses, each room is considered one-half unit.
  • For industrial and commercial facilities, each building sewer connected directly or indirectly to the public sewer is considered one unit per meter.