Standard Specifications

The following index lists the construction details available online. Each detail is available in "dwg" format, or "pdf" format. The City of Laconia makes no warranties, expressed or implied, to the use of the data.

DPW D1 Underdrain - Road Section (Without Curb or Sidewalk) (dwg | pdf)

DPW D2 Underdrain - Ditch Section and Road Section with Curb (dwg | pdf)

DPW D5 Typical Rural Road Cross Section (dwg | pdf)

DPW D6 Crosswalk-sidewalk ramp location (dwg | pdf)

DPW D13 PVC SDR 35 Trench Section (dwg | pdf)

DPW D14 HDPE Drainage Pipe Trench Installation Detail (dwg | pdf)

DPW D15 Catch Basin detail (dwg | pdf)

DPW D17 Diamond Pavement Patch (dwg | pdf)

DPW D18 Specialty Pavement Restoration Detail (dwg | pdf)

DPW D21 Typical Sewer Manhole (dwg | pdf)

DPW D22 Sewer Manhole Inside Drop (dwg | pdf)

DPW D23 Sewer Connection Detail (foundation) (dwg | pdf)

DPW D24 Sewer Trench Detail (suitable materials) (dwg | pdf)

DPW D25 Underground Utility Conduit Detail (dwg | pdf)