Previous Projects TimeLine

  • 2012 - Added language to the local Shore-land Protection Ordinance to protect water quality of the Lakes. Staff took over all responsibilities for training and conducting water testing within Paugus Bay and its multiple tributaries   
  • 2014 - Formed the Brook Management Subcommittee to address water quality and stream stability issues
  • 2015 - United with The Opechee Milfoil Management Group and formed the Invasive Aquatic Subcommittee to properly address the city wide Milfoil problem. 2016 - Black Brook Geo-morphological Watershed Plan is underway.
  • 2016 - It has come to the Laconia Conservation Commission's attention as the City begins to build on some of its more remote areas it is critical to modify our current ordinance to include a 30-foot buffer from the edge of both banks of smaller streams. Taking this action will prevent the inevitable property damage development could take place to close to our streams and wetlands
  • 2017 - The Conservation Commission has taken full responsibility for the Milfoil Management Plan.
Timeline (PDF)