Ongoing Projects


  • Aiding NH Lakes in their Lake Host Program to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. 
  • Participating in volunteer events such as the annual Granite United Way Day of Caring. 
  • Educating the public on various environmental issues faced by the community. 
  • Performing VRAP/VLAP water testing on the Paugus Bay, Lake Opechee, and Lake WInnisquam water bodies, and their tributaries in the City. .
  • Reviewing NHDES Wetlands applications that come before the commission for expedited review. 
  • Conservation Easement Acquisition:  The Commission is actively pursuing the acquisition of sensitive lands within the City in order to preserve them as conservation easements. A number of areas within the City are prime wildlife habitats which are critical for the survival of numerous species. Protection of these lands through the pursuit of conservation easements helps to preserve diverse local flora and fauna while protecting the unique Lakes Region Landscapes.
  • Conservation Easement Monitoring:  The City currently has 10 conservation easements with additional potential locations on the horizon. The Conservation Commission monitors these easements throughout the year to assure compliance with all conditions set fourth within the Easement deed. View the Conservation Easements in Laconia (PDF).