Trash Collection Update

Trash Collection Decision

The Conversion to Automated Solid Waste Collection

The City of Laconia is converting from manual to automated curbside trash collection on April 1, 2023.

The City will provide trash and recycling containers to those property owners that currently use City-contracted solid waste collection.

Containers will remain the property of the City and will stay with the property when owners or tenants change.  

The containers will be delivered sometime between March 15TH and April 1st, 2023. Each container will have a serial number. Public Works will maintain a database of the serial numbers of containers provided to each property.

Public Works is using the City’s property database to determine the number of approved apartments/condominium units on a property. Owner’s that have added apartments to a property without obtaining the necessary permissions from the City will only receive containers for the number of units listed in the City’s database.  Property owners of apartment buildings and businesses who have a dumpster will not receive trash or recycling containers

The size and quantity of containers each property will receive is based on the following distribution plan approved by the City Council.

Size & Quantity of Solid Waste Containers

Building Type Recycling Containers
Trash Containers
Single Family Home
1 per unit * 1 per unit **
 with over 3 units
4 4
Business 4 4

If you live on a public road, and you are satisfied with the size and quantity of containers shown above, you do not have to do anything. The containers will be automatically delivered to you.

To efficiently meet the various needs of homeowners, landlords, and businesses, we have designed an order form. The "Recycling and Trash Container Order Form" is still being finalized.

When it is ready, it will allow property owners and businesses to tailor the containers they receive to their needs. For example:  

  1. *If all residents in a single-family home are over 65 years old or disabled, they can request smaller size containers.
  2. **Homeowners can request a 32-gallon trash container.
  3. Residents who already have containers that are compatible with automated collection can help save tax dollars by requesting to use the stamped ("Laconia Recycles"), dark green containers instead of getting new ones. These containers were sold to the public approximately 10 years ago.
  4. Residents who live on private roads and bring their trash to the public right of way will need to use the order form in order to continue to receive collection services at the City right-of-way.
  5. Property owners of businesses receiving city curbside collection service need to complete the order form to adjust the size and number of containers if they want fewer or smaller containers.   Otherwise, the property will automatically receive four 64-gallon trash containers and four 96-gallon recycling containers for the property.

Note that Landlords and residents of apartment buildings do not have the option of selecting a smaller size container as they are sharing containers with other residents in the building.


The City has begun its public information campaign.

Public information meeting schedule:

  • Downtown businesses and landlords was held on Nov 2nd
  • Businesses, landlords and property managers was held on Nov 16th
  • Property owners/tenants of single-family homes, duplexes and triplexes is scheduled for 7 pm Nov 30, 2022 on the 3rd floor meeting room at the Belknap Mill.

Additionally, We will be updating the public using . . .

  • Ads and articles in the Laconia Daily Sun
  • Updates in the Laconia Links newsletter
  • “How to” presentations on You Tube and Channel 24