Licensing & Permits

This page will assist you if you are looking for information about licenses and permits issued by the City.
  1. Building / Electrical Permits

    View Building Permit documents provided by Code Enforcement and Building.

  2. Dog Licenses

    Get information about Dog Licenses.

  3. Driveway Permits

    Driveway permits are issued for new construction as well as to existing homeowners who are either paving any existing gravel/earth driveway, or resurfacing an existing paved driveway or access.

  4. General Licensing Information

    The Licensing Department processes requests for entertainment, raffles, and other items that need to be licensed (listed in chapter 161).

  5. Marriage Licenses

    We are happy to process Marriage Licenses at the City Clerk's Office.

  6. Motorcycle Week Licensing

    Learn about the regulations of Motorcycle Week.

  7. Plumbing Permits

    Before any plumbing work is done or any additions are made to old work, excepting necessary repairs, a plumbing permit must be obtained from the Laconia Public Works Department.